Health Education

We are a one stop family centered medical health and wellness center.

Health Education

A health educator teaches behaviors that promote wellness, offer knowledge, skills and training that complements the work of others, such as health care providers, policy makers, and human resource personnel.

For this reason, one of our educators’ primary responsibilities is to develop and maintain strong working relationships with both organizations and agencies dedicated to public health care.

Another priority for our educators is to collect and analyze data to identify patient needs before putting together and evaluating programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles and environments.

At BIX Homes & Wellness, our educators use a holistic approach that draws upon the best aspects of eastern and western treatments. Basically, we believe in educating our patients about the root causes of disease, so that we can alleviate its symptoms.

As a result, our educators inform patients about the availability of healthcare services and resources in addition to developing and implementing strategies to improve the health of individuals, families, and their communities.

In essence, our health educators incorporate positive and healthy habits into people’s lives by developing programs and introducing materials that foster wellness. Our ultimate goal is to educate both children and adults to be able to make responsible long-term decisions about their health and well-being.