"Herline and her passion to help people enjoy optimum health, using natural remedies and products."
- David, R.

Our Approach

Our purpose is to promote  patient quality of life and overall well-being. Our mission is to provide health education and share research-based best practices  to help our patients make better health choices.

BIX Homes and Wellness is an integrated wellness center that combines east and west treatment modalities.  This holistic approach ensures the best level of care while optimizing your best self from the inside out. We have treatment plans for all phases of your life, from young adolescents to seniors.

We understand the challenges and changes that you experience as you age and we want to ensure that you are optimizing your health.

At your first consult, we provide a comprehensive assessment to learn more about your health history. Then we work together to tailor a plan based upon your responses and your lifestyle. 

Your Experience with BIX

What to expect from a
BIX Homes and Wellness
office visit:

  • Conduct an assessment
  • Diagnose current ailments
  • Identify and agree on treatment plan
  • Patient follow-up